Apply. Join. Create. Launch.

Check out the step by step process for applying, onboarding, and making a milestone attempt!

Application Process

Submit Online Application

Complete our application & share it with

Schedule Safety Interview

You will receive an email from the Lander Challenge team, please let us know of 3-5 available time slots over the next two weeks to meet with our safety council.

Safety Interview

Teams must prepare a 5-10 minute presentation overviewing their team and application for a 45 minute interview with our safety council.

Safety Interview Decision

The safety council will decide if your team is ready to properly and safely attempt Lander Challenge milestones or if you need things to work on before qualifying.

Begin Onboarding or Re-Apply

If approved, move to next section! If given red light, improve using feedback, if you would like, please reapply. Someone from the Lander Challenge team will personally guide you through next steps!

Onboarding Process

Join LC Teams Only Discord

This platform will be used for any further communication, LC team opportunities, internal updates, etc!

Team Logo

This will be used to help others know about your team's participation in this challenge.

Team Agreement

Teams must sign the agreement to be eligible to participate in the challenge. Please reach out promptly with any questions or concerns.


We’re legally required to obtain this to show the IRS we confirmed who we sent money to. The W9 should be filled out with the info from the org that will accept any prize money — perhaps your nonprofit, or your schools foundation arm, for example.

Download this document for us teams. For non-US teams - fill out Form W-8 BEN-E instead

submit completed version to

University Acknowledgement

Send a letter stating that your university is aware of your team and participation in

CPLC. Click here for an example.

Team Member Resumes

Please submit resumes with full names and contact emails of all team members.

Safety Training

Please make sure all members of your team complete this.

Milestone Attempt Process

Submit an Attempt Notice

Please inform us of any attempt 3-4 weeks in advance, as early as possible!

Schedule Milestone Review

You will receive an email from the Lander Challenge team, please let us know of 3-5 available time slots over the next two weeks to meet with our safety council & the Lander Challenge team.

Milestone Review

Teams must prepare a detailed presentation identical to their internal design review, the milestone review can also be combined with any internal review occurring (please inform us if that is the case in the attempt notice form)

Logistics Meeting

The Lander Challenge team will meet with someone from your team to plan out public announcement process and planning logistics of the attempt day. Our team will do their best to attend each and every attempt!

Make the Attempt!

Good luck! Share the news on Discord a few days before. If you have a live stream link share it with the community to follow along!

Decision Time!

Share the data. videos and anything else that you may have with the Lander Challenge team, the safety council will meet and decide if your attempt is successful!

© 2023 The Definity Project. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 The Definity Project. All Rights Reserved.