SPT's 6th Attempt TVC Success - Another Prize Awarded!

Dec 9, 2023

We are incredibly happy to announce that Cal Poly SLO Propulsion Technologies (SPT) just won a $15,000 Lander Challenge prize! The team successfully demonstrated thrust vector control of a 600 lbf engine!

For them, the 6th time was the charm. After 33 days from the first attempt to the final one, they were able to successfully hotfire their engine and had an amazing burn.

We're delighted to have the chance to grant a prize to a team that worked tirelessly to get it done and didn’t give up. There are always setbacks in rocketry but they worked past it.As many of you know, doing 6 hotfires in 33 days, rebuilding & fixing various problems between each, is incredible. This is exactly the sort of thing we're really excited to see from student teams!! The team and members of our Discord channel all came together to watch each attempt through their live streams.

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