ERPL Makes a Throttle Attempt

Dec 20, 2023

Words from the Team:

The throttle test itself was a failure and ultimately resulted in a complete loss of the engine. We are currently looking over all the data to analyze the failure.

Though the test was a failure for throttling, we deemed it internally as a success due to what we learned throughout the entire day. We troubleshooted through problems quickly during operations and stuck to our standard operational procedures during and after the engine failure. This all led to a safe coordination with the Cecil Spaceport personnel as well as ERPL personnel.

As for the state of the team, we have decided to shift focus from hybrids to liquid bi-prop development. Following the loss of the engine, we as a club, don't believe it would be beneficial to the team to allocate resources to build another hybrid engine. We are going to allocate our time to development of the liquid bi-prop that is already manufactured in our club.

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